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Tuesday, June 30

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It was Taco Tuesday and things sure did get wild on the show tonight. We talked some sports, broke down the best Greek dishes and even reminisced about Tony’s old girlfriends. (yes he did date actress Michelle Stafford)


Tony talked some NFL with Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King.  Then switched ‘courts’ and talked Wimbledon with the Tennis Channel’s Murphy Jensen. Finally, Tony talked some NBA and MLB with Into the Night’s sports business reporter Rick Harrow.

It was a celebration as we kicked off the start of free-agency in the NBA. The news is that Houston is moving to get a new center, and moving-away from Yao Ming.  The buzz is in the air – literally – as Mark Cuban flew his private jet to New York to meet with Jason Kidd. Kidd earned 21 million dollars last year. Will billionaire Mark Cuban pay Kidd that type of money next season? 

The third and final hour of the show, turned into “Ladies Hour.”  We discussed Greek and Mid-Eastern cooking. Thank you Bay Area’s Nancy and Susan for calling-in.  Gyros and more!

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God Bless America!


Monday, June 29, 2009

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What-up! We’re all waiting for the fourth of July, as it is only a few days away. It’s going to be a hell-of-a-celebration here Into the Night.

We ‘kick’ the night off with Preki. The former Serbian-American soccer player, now the Coach of Chivas USA, breaks-down the Confederation Cup and the US’ loss to Brazil. Was it fortunate or unfortunate? Tony and Preki discuss the US’ prospects for next year’s World Cup.

For those of you wondering, Preki is an American nickname for the real (more Serbian) name: Pedrag Radosavljevic.

Some NBA news tonight: Yao Ming’s foot-related injury is not healing as expected. It looks like Yao may be out next season, and there is a real good chance he may not be able to return to the NBA at all. Yahoo Sports analyst Adrian Wojnarowski breaks the story. Tony and Adrian also discuss NBA free agents, and the teams likely and/or unlikely to ’swoop’ them up.

Into the Night lost a friend over the weekend in Billy Mays. Billy had a very sudden and tragic death late Saturday Night. Billy was on the show with us last week, so in his honor, we replayed Tony’s converstation with America’s most famous pitchman. He got his start on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Billy told Tony: “ordinary people can come up with extraordinary ideas.”

Great updates for you. The Update of the Night: Marijuana Mom’s. It’s a real life “Weeds” that we’re living in… 

Great evening. We’re going to miss you Billy Mays.

RIP Billy Mays

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Celebrity pitchman Billy Mays died this morning in his home in Tampa, FL. Billy was a recent guest on the Tony Bruno Show.  Check out the interview from last Wednesday’s Show.

Friday, Jun 26th

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Another fun night of radio broadcasting! It’s Red Wine Friday at Into the Night. Tony, Tim, Robin, Jason, and Intern Andy are getting ready for the weekend the right way…

Great updates for you tonight. The most dangerous sport in the world… cheerleading?  A mom doctors her child’s (and many others) test scores and high-school transcripts. She could get 203 years in prison. Plus, assault by cheetos! Seriously? Yes.

Greg Amsinger is on tonight. From MLB TV Network, Greg joins Tony  to break-down baseball. Lots going on. The Cubs deal with Milton Bradley. He’s a trouble maker and nothing changes. Watch the Yankees and Mets this Sunday night.

Also on Sunday … watch Soccer at 11 AM. Will America pull off the ultimate upset and defeat Brazil? Is this a warm-up for the 2010 World Cup?

Stephen Curry, the Warriors #7 NBA Draft pick, joins Tony. They talk NBA. Plus, Tony asks Curry if there is any truth to the  rumor that he might be traded. It’s an exlusive.

John Avello, the man in-charge of sports’ gambling at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas joins Into the Night during our third hour. He talks good bets and more good bets. (think: two chicks at the same time)

The Jacksonville Jaguars come up. Into the Night’s very own Jason Matheny (exec. producer) bet on them. We get some great callers from Jacksonville. They stand up for there native team, even though the odds are not in their favor: 35:1.

Plus, the Buzz and Update of the Night. Join the Bru Cru for your 1000 chips. Use them to win great prizes.

Have a great weekend! God Bless America!

Thursday, June 25

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A sad day with the sudden death of Michael Jackson. Kevin Frazier, Entertainment Tonight reporter was on to talk about the King of Pop and his legacy, not only in the world of music but also in entertainment.

Thursday was the NBA Draft. The Clippers had the #1 pick and selected Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin.  After hearing his name announced by Commissioner David Stern, Blake called in and talked with Tony about how happy he is that the draft is over and how he can now focus on playing basketball. Blake is anxious to get out to the LA and find a house by the beach.  The Philadelphia 76ers with their first round pick, selected UCLA’s Jrue Holiday. Jrue will step in and compete for the starting point guard spot on a Sixers team that isn’t too far away from making a strong push in the Eastern Conference

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Here-we-go…INTO THE NIGHT with CANNOLIS … yes, “leave the gun, take the cannoli” … thank you Jason Matheny for giving us at Into The Night our sugar fix. We hope all of you fine Americans and listeners got yours …

Alexi Lalas, the retired American Soccer Player, famous for his play as a Defender, comes on to Talk FIFA Soccer and the awesome American VICTORY over Spain. Lalas gave an amazing performance in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, was the general manager of the Los Anegeles Galaxy, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame … the guy’s the real-deal, and his insight into the upcoming World Cup … for one thing, that the Confederation Cup is a warm-up for the South Africa 2010 World Cup … that if Brazil beats South Africa it would be GREAT for our Americans … they would get to play Brazil … talk about a hell’of’a match-up … if you missed this interview check out the podcast to get yourself up-to-date. And tune in Sunday at 11 AM to watch the Final Game of the CUP! Go America! RED-WHITE and BLUE baby.

The NBA Draft is Thursday in New York. Blake Griffin will go #1 to the LA Clippers. But what about the rest of the draft? Jeff Goodman, FOXSPORTS Draft analyst, was on with this mock draft.

Billy Mays comes on the show. Known as the Inventor…the man talks entertainment with Tony and gives us some worthy advice … “ordinary people can have extraordinary ideas” …

BREAKING NEWS:  from our friend Adrian Wojnarowski, SHAQ is TRADED to the CAVS … NBA Finals 2010: Lebron and Shaq vs. Kobe and friends … Tune in Thursday. Tony will talk to Adrian about the trade and the other recent shake-ups in the NBA.

How about them Cowboys … Cory Proctor joins us to talk about his new rock band, Free Reign. The band is made-up of Cowboys, and is pretty, pretty, pretty good. Check it out on mySpace and listen to ’em. They’ve been signed to a record label. Good singen’, Cowboys.

Plus, the Buzz and Update of the night. Join the BruCru for your thousand chips and GREAT PRIZES!

Good times here Into The Night. God Bless America.


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What a wonderful Taco Tuesday! Another crazy Into the Night here in Culver City.

Props to the NHL for taking into account the impressive resume of Luc Robitaille. Luc was our first guest tonight, and was newly elected today into the Hall of Fame.

We had the Sports Professor on to discuss the MLB and NBA draft. Tony’s theory about the Phillies, that they are the best away team and the worst home team is put to the test, and goes over pretty well with the analyst, Mr. Rick Horrow. Rick is becoming one of our regular guests on the show, and adds a level of business to the analysis of sports.

We had some pretty funny updates. Going to Las Vegas? Check out the new home of the Pinball Hall of Fame. It is moving to a location on the Las Vegas STRIP.

Some good banter and laughs over Manny, Pinball, Teachers in NY getting paid for NOTHING, and What Does Intern Andy Know? The tacos are all gone, and we have to go home. Check out the brucru and earn your 1000 chips by answering the ‘BUZZ and UPDATE of the NIGHT correctly. God Bless America.