Monday, June 22nd

“Summertime” (old Gershwin)…the sunny skies…summer is in the air here at Into The Night, especially now that our studio air conditioning is broken! It’s hot here in sunny Los Angeles.

The rules and regulations of Wimbledon 2009 are discussed, as Tony picks his favorite for women’s tennis. The favorite: the 16 year old from Portugal, Michelle Larcher De Brito. The reasoning: a great back-hand, and a heck-of-a GRUNT! Larcher De Brito’s ball-striking grunts have some players and fans questioning weather the moans…screams…grunts…that players like Monica Seles, the Williams Sisters, Maria Sharapova, and now Larcher De Brito embody are really necessary. Into The Night takes Wimbledon to a whole new level.

USC  students and alumni were calling for its Mens Basketball team to be annexed. But not anymore, now that the university has named Kevin O’Neill Head Coach of Trojan Basketball. O’Neill has over ten years of coaching experience, including time-spent in the professional and college level, and has the reputation for being a “hard-nose”, or as O’Neill himself put it: “Darth Vader”. Yes, that’s right. O’Neill joins Tony Into The Night. He believes USC Basketball can be competitive this year  … “Luke, I am your father” … will he live up to his Star Wars-famous persona?

Plus, don’t forget your 1000 BRUCRU Chips with the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night…


2 Responses to “Monday, June 22nd”

  1. Wouldl you cut the schtick with those recordings you have playeed the too death . Your worse than Knbr 680 in San Francisco and thats pretty bad with those sound drops as it is.

    Come on your show is better than that or is it. That is good radio?

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