Friday, June 19th

Into the Night Skins Game:
5 Skins: Intern Andy
4 Skins: The Great Tim Cates
2 Skins: The Very Witty Jason Matheny
(Tony was unavaliable for The Skins Game)
Golf play at Weddington Golf & Tennis in Studio City, CA
1. USGA rules in effect
2. Each hole worth one skin
3. Closest-to-the-Pin on Par 3 Hole’s 3 and 9 worth one additional skin

In honor of the PGA US Open at the Black Course at Bethpage State Park we began Red Wine Friday with a 3 PM tee-off – in beautiful Southern California style…a blue, sunny sky about 75-80 degrees – and want to congratulate Tim Cates on his miraculous 9th hole shot…closest to the pin, Tim picked up three strokes with his almost hole-in-one (see the picture below)…but Intern Andy carried the tournament. Tony was unavaliable to play.

It was Red Wine Friday and oh yeah, the pizza was plentiful too! We went Into the Night and talked golf with NBC PGA Analyst Mark Rolfing. Will they ever finish the US Open? How wet is it at Bethpage Black? Will Tiger make the cut?

We played NBA fact-or-fiction with Yahoo Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski. Will Shaq get out of his contract? Will Yao Ming play with Lebron James? Will a Chinese investment group take part ownership of the Cavs? While the Lakers celebrate, rumors and gossip circulate among the insiders here at Into the Night.

We had great updates, iPods…strippers…American waste…as always life is good Into the Night.

We got Colorado Rockies Manager Jim Tracy fresh off the latest Rockies win (16-5 thru June 19 under Tracy) and Tony got all the insider MLB news and gossip from this highly revered Rockies skipper…then the Update of the Night. God Bless America!


One Response to “Friday, June 19th”

  1. It’s not my style to rip anyone, but Tony said there was not much difference between a 12 inch and a 14 inch pizza. That would be true unless you are talking about size, which matters. (Area is 3.14 * radius squared). A 12 inch pizza is 6*6*3.14 = 113.04. A 14 inch is 7*7*3.14 = 153.86, over 1/3 more pizza. See its not the length or even the diameter that matters, its the radius.

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