Tuesday, June 30

It was Taco Tuesday and things sure did get wild on the show tonight. We talked some sports, broke down the best Greek dishes and even reminisced about Tony’s old girlfriends. (yes he did date actress Michelle Stafford)


Tony talked some NFL with Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King.  Then switched ‘courts’ and talked Wimbledon with the Tennis Channel’s Murphy Jensen. Finally, Tony talked some NBA and MLB with Into the Night’s sports business reporter Rick Harrow.

It was a celebration as we kicked off the start of free-agency in the NBA. The news is that Houston is moving to get a new center, and moving-away from Yao Ming.  The buzz is in the air – literally – as Mark Cuban flew his private jet to New York to meet with Jason Kidd. Kidd earned 21 million dollars last year. Will billionaire Mark Cuban pay Kidd that type of money next season? 

The third and final hour of the show, turned into “Ladies Hour.”  We discussed Greek and Mid-Eastern cooking. Thank you Bay Area’s Nancy and Susan for calling-in.  Gyros and more!

Did you get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips with the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night?

God Bless America!


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