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Friday, July 31, 2009

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Red Wine Friday here at Into the Night. We’re celebrating a delightful week with Big Ben with a fantastic bottle of two buck chuck. Big Ben filling-in for Tony this week. Tony will be back on Monday.

It’s quite a night here. Between last minute trades and radio-game-show night, Into the Night covers the entire sports world. Yes, from the 1970s to the current day. Fact, rumor, trivia, and a grand-old time here at the secret super studio that produces Into the Night.

Congrats to Matt for winning Into the Night Jeopardy. Driving to his brother’s wedding, it’s safe to say that Matt wasn’t texting, he was winning! Matt knows his baseball. From Brett Favre flip-flops, to steroids, to daily-doubles and all of Big Ben’s categories and questions, Matt wins. His BruCru chips are gonna’ go way up. Cheers to you, Matt.

Remember all that talk about your Toronto Blue Jays’ Roy Halliday being traded? Well, it was all for nothing. He didn’t go anywhere. It’s true!

What about those Kansas City Royals … back in the day they had a hell-of-a-team. In large part because of Mark Gubicza. Gubicza joins Big Ben and the gang tonight during the show. A Philadelphia guy, Gubicza weighs-in on Cliff Lee and talks about what the Dodgers and the Cardinals can do to compete with those Phillies and their new pitcher. Gubicza talks a little about the Angels, a team he briefly played for during the nineties.

Did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night! Next week be sure to tune-in or download or do whatever you do to get Into the Night! Tony will be back. God Bless America. Have a great and safe weekend.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

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We have an awesome show this Thursday edition of Into the Night. Tony’s still on vacation. Big Ben filling-in for Tony this week.

David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz and Manny Ramirez reportedly failed drug tests in ’03. Steroid abuse/usage is coming to a point of ‘who’s next’?

Red Sox lovers and haters are fired up everywhere. Seth Everett from Sirius/XM radio joins Big Ben and weighs-in on steroids and the MLB. Rick Horrow the Sports Business Reporter also joins Big Ben to talk about these issues and MLB training camps. Prepare yourself! How are these camps being influenced by the economy?

Freddy Sanchez from your San Francisco Giants joins Big Ben to talk about all the great breaking MLB news and more.

Some great calls tonight. Yankee fans and Red Sox fans going at it. Some on the defensive, others couldn’t care less, and everyone else … cue: It’s an outrage!

Trading news: Where will Roy Halliday play baseball? Or will he even be traded? The Texas Rangers just announced their interest in Halliday. Yes, the Rangers everyone. Because Texas isn’t hot-enough.

Ooooo Laker fans!!!! Lamar Odom stays in Los Angeles. Four years and 33 million bucks! Lamar + Artest + Kobe = Laker repeat

Drama in the NFL. We have quarterbacks going crazy! Showing up over-weight to training camp. Calling teammates dirty-names. You’ve got to tune-in or download and hear about this stuff. And Michael Vick heading to the Patriots? Is he close to a deal?

Antonio Freeman joins Big Ben. The notable Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver retired in 2003. Freeman does lots of charity-work and broadcasting. He talks about training-camp, former teammate Brett Favre, and predictions for the upcoming season.

Did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night!

Wednesday, July 29th

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A wonderful Wednesday night edition of Into the Night. Ben Maller in for a vacationing Tony Bruno, who returns next week. Big news in MLB, as the Philadelphia Phillies acquire left-hander Cliff Lee from the Cleveland Indians.  Are the Phillies now the front-runners to win the National League? Will there be another big move before the trade deadline? Bob Nightengale, MLB Insider from The USA Today will be on with the latest trade news.

Training Camps are opening up around the National Football League.  One of the big questions now that Brett Farve remains retired, is who will Michael Vick sign with? How many 1st round draft picks will report late to camp? A man who will break down all of that is the “NFL Answerman” Adam Schefter.

Have you heard the 911 call from ESPN’s Erin Andrews? Don’ worry she’s okay, just not happy that the media is sitting outside her house waiting for an interview.  We have the audio. You have to hear what celebrity she referenced.

Did you get your BRUCRU Chips? 1000 Chips if you can answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Ben Maller fills-in for Tony on a Taco Tuesday. The buzz is all about Brett Favre and him not coming out retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Pete Bercich, former Vikings linebacker and current radio analyst, goes Into the Night to talk about Favre. What now for the Vikings? Who will quarterback the Vikings? Could Michael Vick maybe be on their radar?

Training camps are opening up this week across the NFL. A couple of guys hoping to have big seasons are running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Matt Forte. Maurice says the Jacksonville Jaguars will be a lot better than their 5-11 record from a year ago. Matt, is looking to build off his great rookie season by guiding the Chicago Bears into the playoffs. Both running backs weigh in on Michael Vick and Brett Favre.

Shaun Phillips of the Chargers stops by before heading to training camp in San Diego. Shaun is a Philadelphia native, who says the fans in Philly are great because of how passionate they are. Shaun points out, any stadium with its own jail, must have diehard fans.
We have some great Updates for you during the show… A certain NBA star got locked out of the White House. Plus, find out what NFL quarterback dumped his girlfriend at IHOP.

Did you get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips with the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night.

Monday, July 27, 2009

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A marvelous Monday night show we had for you. Tony is on vacation, but never fear Ben Maller is here this week. Big Ben is not a newcomer to sports talk radio, having hosted his own show in Los Angeles for over 10 years. You may also know him from his website, which is linked up with

With the MLB trade deadline nearing, Ben talks to former New York Mets GM Jim Duquette about the latest news from baseball. Where will Roy Halladay end up? What other big moves should we expect before the deadline? Jim answers those questions and Ben’s question “why are teams so afraid of trading minor league prospects?”

Michael Vick gets reinstated by the NFL. Now that he’s back, what team will sign the former Falcons QB? Yahoo NFL Insider, Charles Robinson joins Ben Ben with the latest details about Vick, Brett Farve and why nobody wants to sign RB Edgerrin James

A great weekend in Cooperstown with the induction of Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson into the MLB Hall of Fame. The big buzz surrounding the ceremony, with reports that Pete Rose may be reinstated by Commissioner Bud Selig. Hall of Fame Manager, Tommy Lasorda joins Big Ben to talk about Rose, the Hall of Fame and the Dodgers.

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Join us … Into the Night!

Friday July 24, 2009

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Red wine Friday here at Into the Night. The pizza was good. The wine was great! Made even-better by Intern Andy’s 1995 Merlot. A bottle of 1995 Beautour. (Courtesy of Intern Andy’s parents.) And the brownies were off the charts. Mini, moist, and 140 calories of beauty. And lots of sports’ news. It’s a big night. What a great way to kick-off the weekend!

Matt Holliday joins the St. Louis Cardinals. Our listeners in Oakland have taken to the streets looking for sympathy. Cue: It’s an outrage. However, our listeners in the east are thrilled. Holliday shows the Cards what they’ve been missing – and what they now have – he leads the Cards in a crushing victory over the Phillies 8-1. He hasn’t been there eaight hours and he already has 4 hits, a win, and a sizeable impact.

Tony talks  a full-dose of baseball with Greg Amsinger, Bill James, and Brian Seltzer.

Breaking news: Affliction will cease to organize Mixed Martial Arts fight-nights. The organization will continue to make clothing, but will become a collaborator-read between the lines-can’t keep up with the competition-of the UFC.

Golf news: Tim Cates wins the Friday Skins Tournament here at Into the Night. Chipping in from four feet off the green to win skins, Cates was on a hot-streak all day long. (Oooooooo, rim shot)

Former manager Jim Bowden assures Tony that his pick for the World Champions-the Phillies-will repeat another F**n year. (think Sound cue)

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Join us … Into the Night!

Thursday July 23, 2009

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What a great Thursday night of good, solid American radio. This is Into the Night!

What an amazing game thrown by pitcher Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox. A perfect game! The game made a buzz in the world of MLB and Into the Night.

Steve Henson from Yahoo! Sports joins Tony during the first hour. Henson is the senior editor of all things MLB at Yahoo! Sports. Henson and Tony discuss last minute trade negotiations (or speculations), the Dodgers and Manny, and the prospects now that we are post all-star break. Things are heating up.

Jim Brown joins Tony on the show tonight. Appologies to those who expected him during Wednesday’s show. Brown and Tony talk about the NFL. We are less than a week away from training-camp and the NFL loyalists are getting there full share of football talk. Michael Vick comes up … how could he not? Plus, Brown shares some stories from his social work and acting career.

Mark Madsen joins Tony during his final hour. The Lakers champion in 2001 – 2002 played ball in Minnesota after leaving Los Angeles. But, he returns this year … except, he joins the Clippers. Madsen is an energetic guy on and off court. He makes a great guest. He and Tony discuss the Clippers chances next year. Tony asks about how he was traded. a la there was a rumor that he found out about his trade via twitter. Madsen confirmed the rumor. He found out about his trade by a tweet. What is this world coming to?

Join us tomorrow for Red Wine Friday. Tune in, sit back, and relax. Your in good hands. One last thing. Did you get your 1000 BRUCRU Chips? Make sure you answer the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night…