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Monday, August 31st

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A fantastic Monday night show, coming off a great sports weekend. Tony was in San Francisco broadcasting live from the great studios of KNBR 1050.

Lots of MLB news as the Giants sign Brad Penny to help their rotation. Not to be outdone, the Dodgers acquire righthander Jon Garland from the D-Backs and slugger Jim Thome from the White Sox. So the Dodgers, the best team in the NL West just got a whole lot better before the stretch run in September.

College football season kicks off Thursday with 5 games on the scoreboard. On Saturday, Texas Tech starts the year v.s. North Dakota. Head Coach Mike Leach joins Tony to talk about the Red Raiders season and how they are going to do in the Big 12 in 2009. Coach Leach also weighs-in on his former WR Michael Crabtree and why he hasn’t signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

NFL pre-season rolls on. The Oakland Raiders have struggled so far, could this be a long season for the Silver and Black? Tony was introduced today as part of the new Raiders post-game show on Comcast Sports in the Bay Area. His new TV partner, Bill Romanowski popped on the show tonight to say hi and talk some football.

NBA news, as Ricky Rubio has decided to stay in Spain and play for Barcelona, rather than come to the NBA and play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Adrain Wojnarowski, Yahoo NBA Insider joined Tony to talk about Rubio and his decision and what that means for David Kahn and the T-Wolves.
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Friday, August 28th

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It’s Red Wine Friday and Tony was fired up tonight. Let the countdown begin with the NFL season only two weeks away and College Football kicking off in less than a week. A full slate of MLB games on this Friday with several outcomes affecting the wild card races in the National League and American League.

A big weekend at the box office, with the debut of The Final Destination and Halloween 2 at the movie theatres. Rob Zombie, musician and director of Halloween 2, joins Tony to talk about his movie and why he likes making horror films. Rob is also a big sports fan, as he is a season ticket holder for the LA Kings.

You know her and love her, former Miss USA, Ali Landry came on the show to say hello to her favorite “bald friend” Tony Bruno. It was 5 years ago that Ali shaved Tony’s head on an episode of the Best Damn Sports Show Period. Fast forward, Tony is still dominating national radio, while Ali is now married with her own business. It was good to catch up with Ali, who by the way is still smoking hot!

With football season fast approaching, John Avello was on with the latest odds for NFL and College Football. How has Brett Favre affected the odds for Minnesota winning the Super Bowl? With Mark Sanchez named the starter in New York, are the Jets now the favorites in the AFC East? John Avello, the Director of the Sports book at the Wynn as all the numbers from Las Vegas.

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Are Minnesota Vikings fans excited about Brett Favre?

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Thursday, August 27th 2009

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It’s a big Thursday on the program as the Eagles and Michael Vick were in action. Too bad they were up against the buzz saw that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. That is, Until the Eagles rallied with their fourth-stringers and beat the Jaguars 33-32. And CBS decided to air… Miami against Tampa Bay? Outrage!

Former Jaguar and USC great Tony Boselli joined the show to talk about the Jaguars and Eagles game. He agreed with Tony that it was a sloppy game, and coaches are looking to just get out of the preseason without many injuries. He didn’t expect Andy Reid to show a lot of his Michael Vick formations, and thinks teams playing against the Eagles sure have a lot to prepare against. He also said he follows USC football closely, and bleeds cardinal and gold.

Next we were joined by Dennis Haskins… yes, that Dennis Haskins.

Duh, it's Mr. Belding!

Duh, it's Mr. Belding!

He’s releasing a karaoke album, and Tony called him a karaoke legend. Tony might be a karaoke legend himself, thanks to these videos.

What no one knows is Dennis played basketball at Tennessee-Chattanooga. So he and T.O. are the famous alumni of that place! The album releases Sept. 1, and apparently it can be found on Amazon and the rest of the places you could buy music.

Finally, we were joined by Jay Glazer. Jay broke the story tonight that Roy Williams’ injury was in fact NOT a broken collarbone, despite lots of internet rumblings that it was broken. He also talked about… throwing potatoes at the Dallas scoreboard? Wha? Yes, apparently Jay tried to throw potatoes at the big screen. He couldn’t hit it, and therefore he declares it’s fine.

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Wednesday, August 26th 2009

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It’s a busy Wednesday night on ‘Into the Night.’ Tony wonders if we can bet on the Little League World Series (John Avello later confirmed – no), and Tim hates it. Outrage! Who the heck hates the little leagues? Apparently Tim Cates.

Norv Turner, head coach of the San Diego Chargers joined the show. Tony asked him about Antonio Cromartie being fined for criticizing the team’s food. Norv said he wants his players concerned about other things than social-networking sites. Tony mentioned how so many teams in the division had drama this offseason, and the Chargers have had it pretty quiet. Norv said he likes it that way.

Randy Wolf of the Dodgers called in after LA’s big win over Colorado. Tony called Randy the ace of the staff over the last month, and Randy said he hates that term. So maybe we won’t do that anymore. He said thanks nonetheless to Tony, and hopes he can keep it up.

The NFL Network’s new information guy, Jason La Canfora joined the program live from his backyard in Baltimore. Usually he does his NFL Network stuff literally from his laundry room, but he decided he needed a little fresh air. He said he’s even had to turn off his washer during the spin cycle because it was making too much noise. Tony asked Jason about Michael Vick and the preseason game, and it was going to be a huge story. He didn’t think protests were going to be a problem, particularly in Philly.

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Monday August 24th, 2009

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It’s a Monday on ‘Into the Night.’ Tony doesn’t like Mondays, but the show tonight surely will put him and you into a great mood. We start by recapping Tony’s weekend, where he… dog-sat? Tony loves dogs, and had a blast taking care of a couple rescue dogs at his place.

Tony and dogs

Cowboys kicker/special teamer David Buehler joined the show. Tony asked if he could beat Usain Bolt in the 40-yard dash. Everyone agreed, no chance at all. But Buehler did beat rookie defensive back DeAngelo Smith who challenged him. In fact, he smoked him by a step.

Tony asked about the AJ Trapasso kick that hit the big-screen, and David said he didn’t think he could get it all the way up there. Of course David wasn’t going to rip Jerry Jones about it, but Tony surely won’t have a problem doing so. Even though it’s not his style to rip anyone.

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports joined the program to talk about the NFL at large, and Tony couldn’t help but ask about the Raiders and Tom Cable. Michael called the Raiders ‘toxic’ and of course, referenced the overhead projector news conference.

Speaking of overhead, Tony next asked about Dallas’ overhead screen which punters have been whacking routinely. Michael said Andy Lee of San Francisco will be next, and will be a laughing stock if he can’t hit the screen at least a couple of times. He also said that screen should be rented out to bachelor parties, it would certainly be a great time.

Friday, August 21st 2009

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It’s a Red Wine Friday on ‘Into the Night’ and the whole crew has sampled some fine Zinfandel before the show – which should make for a really interesting night. And the cakes that Tim’s lovely wife made? Gone – and Tony didn’t even get any! Outrage!

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt joined the show, the only team that beat Florida last year. (Editor’s Note: Hopefully they, and the rest of the SEC all beat up on Florida this year.) Tony mentioned their supposed soft schedule, and Nutt of course wouldn’t agree, and he surely thinks every team in the SEC is a tough game.

Next we were joined by San Francisco linebacker Takeo Spikes. Highlights of the interview included Spikes saying he’d rather be tased than rejoin the Bengals, and that the 49ers have moved on in regards to Michael Crabtree. You can log on to to hear the interview in its entirety.

Finally John Avello of the Wynn dropped by the program, fresh off his trip to Ireland. He says the Guinness there is much better. Tony talked about the over/under season win lines for NFL teams, and how Florida is going to be favored about something absurd over Charleston Southern.

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