Friday, Jun 26th

Another fun night of radio broadcasting! It’s Red Wine Friday at Into the Night. Tony, Tim, Robin, Jason, and Intern Andy are getting ready for the weekend the right way…

Great updates for you tonight. The most dangerous sport in the world… cheerleading?  A mom doctors her child’s (and many others) test scores and high-school transcripts. She could get 203 years in prison. Plus, assault by cheetos! Seriously? Yes.

Greg Amsinger is on tonight. From MLB TV Network, Greg joins Tony  to break-down baseball. Lots going on. The Cubs deal with Milton Bradley. He’s a trouble maker and nothing changes. Watch the Yankees and Mets this Sunday night.

Also on Sunday … watch Soccer at 11 AM. Will America pull off the ultimate upset and defeat Brazil? Is this a warm-up for the 2010 World Cup?

Stephen Curry, the Warriors #7 NBA Draft pick, joins Tony. They talk NBA. Plus, Tony asks Curry if there is any truth to the  rumor that he might be traded. It’s an exlusive.

John Avello, the man in-charge of sports’ gambling at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas joins Into the Night during our third hour. He talks good bets and more good bets. (think: two chicks at the same time)

The Jacksonville Jaguars come up. Into the Night’s very own Jason Matheny (exec. producer) bet on them. We get some great callers from Jacksonville. They stand up for there native team, even though the odds are not in their favor: 35:1.

Plus, the Buzz and Update of the Night. Join the Bru Cru for your 1000 chips. Use them to win great prizes.

Have a great weekend! God Bless America!


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