Monday, June 29, 2009

What-up! We’re all waiting for the fourth of July, as it is only a few days away. It’s going to be a hell-of-a-celebration here Into the Night.

We ‘kick’ the night off with Preki. The former Serbian-American soccer player, now the Coach of Chivas USA, breaks-down the Confederation Cup and the US’ loss to Brazil. Was it fortunate or unfortunate? Tony and Preki discuss the US’ prospects for next year’s World Cup.

For those of you wondering, Preki is an American nickname for the real (more Serbian) name: Pedrag Radosavljevic.

Some NBA news tonight: Yao Ming’s foot-related injury is not healing as expected. It looks like Yao may be out next season, and there is a real good chance he may not be able to return to the NBA at all. Yahoo Sports analyst Adrian Wojnarowski breaks the story. Tony and Adrian also discuss NBA free agents, and the teams likely and/or unlikely to ’swoop’ them up.

Into the Night lost a friend over the weekend in Billy Mays. Billy had a very sudden and tragic death late Saturday Night. Billy was on the show with us last week, so in his honor, we replayed Tony’s converstation with America’s most famous pitchman. He got his start on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Billy told Tony: “ordinary people can come up with extraordinary ideas.”

Great updates for you. The Update of the Night: Marijuana Mom’s. It’s a real life “Weeds” that we’re living in… 

Great evening. We’re going to miss you Billy Mays.


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