What a wonderful Taco Tuesday! Another crazy Into the Night here in Culver City.

Props to the NHL for taking into account the impressive resume of Luc Robitaille. Luc was our first guest tonight, and was newly elected today into the Hall of Fame.

We had the Sports Professor on to discuss the MLB and NBA draft. Tony’s theory about the Phillies, that they are the best away team and the worst home team is put to the test, and goes over pretty well with the analyst, Mr. Rick Horrow. Rick is becoming one of our regular guests on the show, and adds a level of business to the analysis of sports.

We had some pretty funny updates. Going to Las Vegas? Check out the new home of the Pinball Hall of Fame. It is moving to a location on the Las Vegas STRIP.

Some good banter and laughs over Manny, Pinball, Teachers in NY getting paid for NOTHING, and What Does Intern Andy Know? The tacos are all gone, and we have to go home. Check out the brucru and earn your 1000 chips by answering the ‘BUZZ and UPDATE of the NIGHT correctly. God Bless America.


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