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Snuggies, Beer and Waffles

Posted in General on February 14, 2009 by tonybruno

We’re back… and apparently the city of Chicago is Snuggie crazy! Yes, apparently 450 people have signed up for a pub crawl where people will all wear the Snuggies! Tony says he *has* to take a field trip for this thing.


Of course we use this opportunity to play the ‘beer’ song, and the beer song v. waffle song argument is in full effect. Maybe when we do ‘stupid poll Wednesday’ or something like that we’ll settle which song is better.


Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend everyone!




NASCAR, cheap booze and shoes

Posted in General on February 14, 2009 by tonybruno

Stay tuned tonight for Brian Vickers and John Avello later in the hour. We come back from break, and with Brian Vickers scheduled to join us, Tony brings up how popular NASCAR is in Daytona, but how it’s waned a bit in southern California.


The blog gets another shout out, and apparently a commenter wants us to drink some rotgut Vodka. We drink only the best here on the Tony Bruno show!


Dean checks in, who claims he’s the only real man left on planet earth. He tells his wife where to go and when to go there. Tony asks what happens when he tells her to ‘heel.’ Probably something like this. 

Somehow he decides to start a fight with Tony on steroids, saying it didn’t change the game much. Tell that to Brady Anderson! Stay tuned for the snuggie pub crawl update.

Valentine’s and Heat

Posted in General on February 14, 2009 by tonybruno

We come back from break any Tony is giving Valentine’s advice to anyone who will listen – notably Tim. Tony convinces Tim to not buy his wife anything, particularly not the Coach purse she wants. Hope Tony has the guest room ready.


He is right about flowers being a crap gift though! They die way too quickly. It’s one thing if you have your own garden and can grow your own plants… but buying them from a store or a guy on the street in just wasteful.


Juan from Miami checks in and talks about the Heat trade. He also brings up how the team is offering $5 tickets on Mondays – is that like the $5 footlong? And is that song easier to get stuck in your head than the beer song?

James Shields Interview

Posted in General on February 14, 2009 by tonybruno

James Shields, starting pitcher from the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays joined the program. Tony asked if he’s ready to get going, and of course he’s ready to improve upon Tampa’s success from last year.


James is excited for the team’s main addition, Pat Burrell to the outfielder. He certainly hopes he’ll got hot early and often and drive in a bunch of runs for Tampa.


Tony asked if James thinks the AL East is the toughest division in baseball, and he agreed. The Yankees have added a ton of guys as did the Red Sox.


The Rays are still a young team, as James is still the team’s oldest starting pitcher at age 27. Tony in particular asked about David Price, and James wasn’t sure if he’d start in the big leagues or in triple-a. Price only has 110 big-league innings under his belt, so he might not be ready to throw 200+ innings in the starting staff.


James isn’t worried about the team getting complacent. Joe Maddon isn’t the type of guy to yell and scream, but he’s good at keeping the team loose but also keeping the team focused.

Friday, February 13th 2009

Posted in General on February 14, 2009 by tonybruno

It’s a Red Wine Friday, and we’re all JACKED for a combination Valentine’s Day/Friday the 13th show. Both Tony and Cory have brought wine, and they’ve forced Tim to use a regulation size cup to drink out of, instead of the 87 oz. big gulp he used last week.


Stay tuned for updates on the snuggie, the pope and David Beckham.


Tonight’s guests:


James Shields, pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays: James will talk about Tampa’s run to the world series last year, and what he expects from his squad this year.


Brian Vickers, NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver: Brian starts sixth in the Daytona 500 and will talk about his chances to win NASCAR’s biggest race of the season in the #83 Red Bull Toyota.


John Avello, ‘The Wizard of Odds’, Wynn Sportsbook: John will break down the odds for the Daytona 500, as well as NBA All-Star Weekend.

Zoos and romance?

Posted in General on February 13, 2009 by tonybruno

We’re back with a big-time Valentine’s Day update. Some zoo in Michigan is offering a ‘zoo-erotica package’ where for $50, you and your sweetheart can watch the animals… well… get friendly. And it’s already sold out! Is this the most-anticipated sporting event in Michigan in the last year?


Heck, if this thing is sold out, Tony is willing to open up his house for the same thing for $100! And unlike the zoo, Tony guarantees action at his place! You following me camera guy? Post your application in the comments section.

Bill Freider Interview

Posted in General on February 13, 2009 by tonybruno

Former Arizona State coach Bill Frieder joined us after being at the ASU/UCLA game. He said it wasn’t hard to be objective watching the game, because he’s 12 years removed from his time there.


Bill gave a lot of credit to Herb Sendek who has done a great job at Arizona State. James Harden also had a good game with 12 assists.


Tony asked Bill which school he identifies himself with, Arizona State or Michigan? Bill admitted he’ll always be a Michigan guy despite the great treatment he gets from ASU.


The Pac-10 has been impressive, and it looks like they’ll get maybe six teams in the tourney this year, and Arizona State could potentially be a #3 or 4 seed thanks to big wins like this one.


Since Bill is a Michigan guy, we had to ask him about the Big Ten. Of course Michigan State has been impressive, and Bill thinks they’ll get five teams.


Now that he’s broadcasting, Tony asked Bill if he misses it. Bill admitted he’ll never go back, because he enjoys being away from it too much. He’s just a guy that likes too many other things too much.