Thursday, February 5th

It’s a rainy Thursday in Los Angeles, which put a damper on Tony’s usual sun-soaked activities. But that doesn’t mean the fun is over on the show. Hey, we all can have fun with the weather now!

Scheduled guests: Ike Taylor, cornerback of the world-champion Pittsburgh Steelers. He’ll tell Tony what’s it like to try to cover Larry Fitzgerald.

Brian Gregory, head coach, Dayton. The Flyers (no, not those Flyers) are 21-2 and Tony will chat with Coach Gregory about his team’s hot streak and the tough Atlantic 10.

That and updates on Etta James, the Lakers/Celtics and of course, more Christian Bale.


2 Responses to “Thursday, February 5th”

  1. What time will Coach Gregory be on tonight?

  2. Pat in Indy Says:

    Hey Jason…i would ask you but i think i already know the answer..are you the former Jason (Mike) Metheny? =-) (i live in the hometown of “the big chair”)

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