OK, so we had to put up a picture…



So these are the infamous 38KKK boobs that broke the world record. I feel for anyone trying to break this record. They’re bigger than her frickin’ head!

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did on tonight’s show. Tune into tomorrow… Into the Night!


3 Responses to “OK, so we had to put up a picture…”

  1. Great to hear you back in Pilly. When are you going to take over the PRIME TIME?

    You’re the MAn

  2. Dave in Miami Says:

    Let’s go to our update desk..
    Dateline Marathon Florida: No, these are not the infamous triple Ks but rather our very own infamous Iguanas! Late word comes to us from a neighbor in our Florida keys home that six to eight frozen Iguanas appeared this morning seemingly dead on our dock. You see, Tony, they perched up on the mangroves to sleep and with the temps dropping into the 30’s last night, they froze, fell to the dock below, and just laid there until revived and awaken by the morning sun. Imagine that, Tony, six to eight Iguanas at the same time!!!…film at eleven.

  3. Mike in Fort Lauderdale Says:

    If that women with the HUGE (and I emphasize that word 38 times) rack was out in the freezing cold would she be able to use her frozen nipples to cut through sheetrock?

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