Pasta, franchise tags and Terry Glenn?

Tony and the staff minus Jason enjoyed a nice rainy afternoon at Tony’s palacial estate, where he cooked up some nice tortellini for Tim and Cory. Unlike many others, the pasta wasn’t made by Pizza Hut. No word on whether gravy was involved.


Meanwhile, Matt Cassel got franchised, which means he’s guaranteed 14.65M to sit the bench if he signs the offer. Surely he’s looking for a long-term offer, but Tony has offered to sit the Eagles bench for just half of that.


Stay tuned for more updates with Michael Phelps, Terry Glenn and US Airways.


5 Responses to “Pasta, franchise tags and Terry Glenn?”

  1. Pat in Indy Says:

    Minus jason? i’m catching a rare live performace…is this jason blogging tonight or someone else?

  2. Pat in Indy Says:

    OK i get it now..this is you Tony. Hey Tony..something is wrong with your dates and i think it’s the case on your facebook too…you are one day ahead of time. You’re on the west coast…not New Zealand …why are you one day ahead????????/

  3. tonybruno Says:

    It’s Jason here, liveblogging – we’re in the process of fixing the date problem here on the site. Soon we’ll unveil a lot of new stuff, including usernames for Tony, Tim, Cory & me (Jason).

  4. Pat in Indy Says:

    ok so i didnt get it..hey jason as i said on the other post…how’s it going jason (mike)? =-)

  5. tonybruno Says:

    Pat, you have tremendous taste in radio shows.

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