Tony blows his Stone Cold Leadpipe Lock

Is the market really this bad for Jim Fassel’s services? We love Jim, especially since he came on the show yesterday, but there has to be a better job out there than the UFL, right?


He blows Tony’s two-coach parlay of Todd Haley to the Chiefs and Fassel as the new OC for the Cardinals. So much for all that cash Tony won by taking the Cardinals +6.5 in the Super Bowl.


Tony also ripped Vince Offer (the Shamwow guy) because he won’t come on the show! We know the Germans make great stuff, but apparently this pitchman won’t take 10 stinkin’ minutes to get free plugs on his dumb products.


The phones lit up when we mentioned the ‘Shamwow’ and ‘Slap Chop’, and the reviews weren’t kind. Maybe there’s a reason Vince isn’t real interested in doing interviews.


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