Tirade Tuesdays?

Has the show slowly evolved from ‘Taco Tuesday’ to ‘Tirade Tuesday?’ After Christian Bale’s awesome meltdown, it brought back memories of Lee Elia, Tommy Lasorda and of course, Bill O’Reilly.


Dr. Gina the vegetarian checked in from Philly, where Tony apparently has checked her papers many times, and confirmed, she is a real doctor (unlike Dr. Laura). Perhaps Gina needs to see a therapist after the Celtics beat the Sixers at the last second.


Duke from Appleton (cue the bowling sound effect) checked in and reminded Tony of one of the best tirades ever – Phillip Wellman. He simulates throwing a grenade, crawls around on the ground. And of course, after complimenting Jason on the phones, he gets to skip to the front of the line on every call now – unlike Tony at the bathrooms in Tampa!


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