Tony’s house… it’s not a small world.

We have an update – ‘It’s a Small World’ is opening back up at Disney Land. You see, apparently all the animatronic children were just that… children! So Disney decided it would be a better idea to put Disney characters like Belle, Nemo and Aladdin in there. Rather than making my own statements about product placement, I’ll let David Lynch give his opinion (nsfw).


Apparently today is national weatherman’s day. It’s only appropriate that it’s raining cats and dogs here in LA. Apparently ‘Into the Night’ alumnus Missak Tokmanian put in a call to have a local weather-lady on the air, but she turned the show down flat – because she’s on the air.


Obviously, since it’s raining in LA the local station must be on Super Mega Mondo Doppler 88.8 Supreme Warning Watch Showdown. Well, maybe next year it won’t rain.


As mentioned earlier, Cory and Tim took a field trip to Tony’s place. Cory apparently was enamored with Tony’s extensive collection of… educational videos. Strange he thought how so many had titles that were close to the real ones, but a little different.


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