Friday, December 11th 2009

A fantastic Friday night show as Tony gets you ready for a great Sports Weekend….

It’s the final Colts and the Saints try to remain perfect on the season. Raiders look to make it 2 in a row as they host the Redskins in Oakland. Breaking down that and everything else football was Jason LaCanfora from the NFL Network.

In College Football, reports out of Lawrence that the University of Kansas will hire Jim Harbaugh as their new football coach. Harbaugh has spent the last 3 seasons building up the Stanford program and making Toby Gerhart a Heisman Trophy Finalist. Former Stanford QB and current radio analyst Todd Husak joined Tony to talk about the possible loss of Jim Harbaugh and if Toby Gerhart will win the Heisman Trophy. 

Tony’s Week 14 Stone Cold Lead pipe Locks

New Orleans Saints +10 over the Atlanta Falcons

Miami Dolphins +3 over the Jacksonville Jaguars

Carolina Panthers +13 @ New England Patriots 

Tony’s Heisman Trophy Trifecta

Winner: Colt McCoy

2nd Place: Toby Gerhart

3rd Place: Mark Ingram


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