Monday, November 30th 2009

Coming off a great sports weekend, Tony takes you deep INTO THE NIGHT with a lot of football talk and the latest on Tiger Woods and his car accident.

So what was Tiger Woods doing leaving his house at 2:25AM the morning after Thanksgiving? How did he lose control of his SUV in his driveway and slam into a tree? Well, unfortunately Tiger and his wife Elin are not talking. With the latest from Orlando and more on Tiger skipping his own tournament is Rich Lerner from the Golf Channel.

Former Notre Dame Heisman Trophy Winner and future NFL Hall of Famer, Tim Brown joins Tony to talk about the firing of Charlie Weiss and who he wants to take over as the new head coach of the Fighting Irish.

Monday Night Football…The New Orleans Saints improve to 11-0 as they beat the New England Saints 38-17. Drew Brees 371 yards 5 touchdowns. Wide receiver Robert Meachem 5 catches 69 yards and 1 touchdown. He joined Tony after the game to talk about the win and what it will take for the Saints to go undefeated


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