Wednesday, November 25th 2009

A wild Wednesday night show as Tony gets you ready for the Thanksgiving Weekend. If you are still preparing the turkey and stuffing Tony is here to help with his “Turkey Tips.”

The season is winding down in College Football. Will Florida and Texas square off in the BCS Championship Game? What happens to TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati who are all undefeated? What about a team like Temple who is 9-2 and about to win the MAC? Does Temple deserve a good bowl bid? Temple Head Coach Al Golden joins Tony to talk about his alma mater and the success of the Owls Football team.

It may be Week 12 of the NFL, but we have another football league on our mind…the LFL (Lingerie Football League). MVP  Britainie Degarbott joins Tony to talk about the league, the women and . Want to see the ladies in action? The Los Angeles Temptation host the Seattle Mist on Friday November 2th at the LA Sports Arena. Check out

Tony’s Week 12 Stone Cold Leadpipe Locks

Detroit +11 v.s. Green Bay

Oakland +14 over Dallas

Denver +6 v.s. NY Giants


4 Responses to “Wednesday, November 25th 2009”

  1. David Castillo Says:

    Devner +6 vs. Denver….I know you started The Stone Cold Leadpipe Locks but this is ridiculous!

  2. fixed it David. sorry about that. typing error on my end

  3. Congrats Tony, another losing week. I’m gonna start fading you and see what happens.

  4. Sometimes I hop in my Escalade (When I’m not driving my Buick) and run over fire hydrants. Then, my Swedish wife for some unknown reason chases after me with golf club in hand and bashes out my back window. Sometimes watching a Paul McCartney concert on ABC just pisses me off like that.

    Did I mention Jimmy Clausen was riding shotgun and fat boy Weiss was playing cock-blocker in the back? Charlie likes a big Thanksgiving meal before he gets his ass beat by a former Wolverine. He once ate 17 donuts before being beaten in badmitton by Antoine Joubert. Fuck him, Nancy Grace and the horse he rode in on.

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