Wednesday, November 11th 2009

A wild Wednesday night show as we celebrate and honor our current and former members of the military on Veterans Day.

Fresh off his visit to see the troops in Afghanistan is NFL on FOX Insider Jay Glazer joins Tony to talk about all the great men and women he met out there serving our Country. God Bless the United States!

A serious subject in football right now is concussions. Brian Westbrook of the Eagles is battling through one. CAL running back Javhid Best has suffered a pair of concussions this season. A man who experienced multiple concussions in his 16-year career is Bill Romanowski. Romo talks with Tony about concussions and the long term affects on the brain.

The MLB GM Meetings concluded in Chicago today with expansion of instant replay getting voted down and no big trades getting made. Former GM and now MLB Analyst Jim Duquette joins Tony to break down the Hot Stove League.


One Response to “Wednesday, November 11th 2009”

  1. Brian Kelly Says:

    Bruno, thanks for running tape of my players ripping me. I really appreciate that. Don’t bother calling me when I get to South Bend. You’re a real Class act. See you at Dimples you punk! Tell Belding he’s a f######### as######### for dating Tiger Woods girlfriend. What a complete asswhipe. I hope Tiger Woods mother-in-law gets stomach cramps and s$%# in his wine glass. You belong in a cruiser with Steven Seagal wearing an Indian jacket. See you on TMZ!

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