Friday, November 6th 2009

It’s Red Wine Friday and Tony is fired up for a great sports weekend. Several big matchups in College Football with Penn State-Ohio State and LSU-Alabama. Week 9 of the NFL has some interesting games, including Texans-Colts, Cowboys-Eagles and Steelers-Broncos. John Avello, Director of the Sportsbook at the Wynn Las Vegas, joins Tony with the latest odds.

Horse Racing fans are excited about the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita. The female horses ran on Friday with a couple big upsets. Saturday of course the big race with the $5-million Breeders Cup Classic. Mike Watchmaker, from the Daily Racing Forum, talks about the ponies and if favorite Zenyatta will win the big race.

Week 9 of the NFL…Will Peyton Manning and  the 7-0 Colts have a tough time with the Texans?  The Buccaneers are 0-7, can they maybe get their first win of the season as they host the Packers? A man with the answer to that and so much more is NFL Network Insider Jason LaCanfora.

Tony’s Week 9 Stone Cold Leadpipe Locks

Chicago Bears  -3  v.s Arizona Cardinals

Carolina Panthers + 13 1/2 v.s. New Orleans Saints

NY Giants -4 over the  San Diego Chargers



7 Responses to “Friday, November 6th 2009”

  1. where can i get dean locks?

  2. no superfecta box this year?….

  3. wow your picks have sucked this year. stop calling them stone cold locks.

  4. Big Tommy Says:

    Tony, you should have to earn the right to call your weekly picks “Stone Cold Locks”. You have a losing record this season.

  5. It’s official…Jay Glazer is a midget.

    Saw him on Fox NFL pregame Afghanistan and he was dwarfed by Jimmy Johnson who is a self-admitted midget himself. Glazer must be like 5 foot 1.

    He does all that MMA Stuff, but who could he really defeat? A 3 year old child? Maybe Stephen Hawking.

  6. Big Tommy Says:

    Really, I thought Jay was over 6 feet tall

  7. Swen Nater Says:

    Sorry, Big Tommy…Jay is a midget.

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