Friday, October 23rd 2009

A night off for Tony who enjoyed a great week in Philadelphia watching the Phillies win the NCLS and advance to their 2nd straight World Series. Filling in for Tony is Max Kellerman.

Max breaks down Week 7 of the NFL with the help of former All-Pro Running Back Jamal Anderson. The “DirtyBird” played his college ball at Utah, so I’m sure he’ll weigh in on his Utes and the Mountain West Conference constantly being left out of the BCS Championship.

The film sweeping the country is Paranormal Activity. The producer of the film is Steven Schneider, who joins Max to talk about the success of the movie and why people are so drawn to a movie about ghosts.


3 Responses to “Friday, October 23rd 2009”

  1. where is the guy who picks those college games? I think his name is Reese or something like that. He is damn good. Tony I hope you enjoyed your night off. You are a good host, no matter how much you suck at stone cold locks.

  2. Lon Chaney Says:

    Andre Agassi did crystao meth in the 90’s? Wow…being married to Brooke Shields must be brutal. She probably plucks her eyebrows and talks endlessly love about making “Blue Lagoon”.

  3. It was great to hear max again! Radio is not the same without him and it was awesome to hear Louie and Lundberg as well…


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