Thursday, October 21st 2009

A terrifc Thursday night show for you as the Los Angeles Angels get a strong 6 2/3 innings from John Lackey to beat the Yankees 7-6 inGame #5 of the ALCS.  With the win the Halos force a Game #6 on Saturday back in New York. Angels Game #6 starter, Joe Saunders,  joins Tony to talk about being down 3-2 in the series and his scheduled start on Saturdsay and if the weather will be a factor when he pitches at Yankees Stadium.

FOX MLB Analyst Jim Bowden talks with Tony about the ALCS and if the long break will affect the Phillies ,who now are just sitting and waiting to find out who they will  play in the World Series. Jim also weighs in on the Dodgers off-season plans and the future of the organization with Frank and Jamie McCourt going through a divorce.

The Napa County District Attorney announced that they will not file assault charges against Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable. The DA felt their wasn’t enough evidence that proved Cable pushed or punched assistant coach Randy Hanson. Helping Tony break down the Tom Cable Saga and it’s affect on the Raiders is 4-time SuperBowl winner and former Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski. Romo thinks the end of the “off the field drama”  will be a good thing for the Raiders as they look to get back to .500 on the season


3 Responses to “Thursday, October 21st 2009”

  1. Orlando Woolridge Says:

    I will miss seeing Pat Sajak behind home plate.

  2. i missed tony show tonite…im wonder does dean call in for his college lock?

  3. i think dean is pissed at tony so we have to suffrer.
    not sure what happend but tony did or didnt do something that dean didnt like

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