Wednesday, October 14th 2009

A great Wednesday night show for you, as Tony gets you ready for the ALCS and NLCS in Major League Baseball. It’s the Angels v.s. Yankees and Dodgers v.s. Phillies to find out who will advance to the World Series. Breaking down both series is Fox MLB Analyst and member of the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame Mark Gubicza. “Gubie” was born and raised in Philadelphia so you can imagine who he’s rooting for in the NLCS…

Big News off the field in Los Angeles, with the report that Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt, are getting separated. What will this mean for the Dodgers in the NLCS? Long-term, who is going to run the organization? Will a divorce force the McCourt’s to have to sell the team?  Ken Rosenthal, FOX MLB Insider, broke the story and joined Tony to fill him in on all the details.

A big Saturday in College Football, with a showdown between USC and Notre Dame.  The Trojans have won 7 straight over the Fighting Irish, but could this be the year Charlie Weis finally beats Pete Carroll? A man who has been on both sides of this rivalry, Pat Haden talked with Tony about the game and what it means for both programs. Pat played quarterback at USC and now is the TV Analyst on NBC for all Notre Dame games.


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  1. hockey no place but boston

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