Tony’s Week 5 Stone Cold Leadpipe Locks

SF 49ers -3 v.s. Atlanta Falcons

New England Patriots -3 1/2 at Denver Broncos

St. Louis Rams +10 1/2 v.s. Minnesota Vikings


8 Responses to “Tony’s Week 5 Stone Cold Leadpipe Locks”

  1. my 5 star diamond plays
    Mich. State -4
    Minnesota -3
    Florida -7.5

    UCLA +3.5
    Michigan +8

    4-1 this week baby
    signed the worlds greatest handicapper
    adam myers -taz -jose all picked lsu who tried to teach the lads who play but u can lead a horse to water but…..

  2. thanks dean,
    dropped UCLA and put the rest in a parlay….CHA CHING

  3. Big Tommy Says:

    Come on Tony, you’re 2-7 the past 3 Sundays!

  4. Tony Tony Tony…..since your Giants over Tampa Bay pick a few weeks ago…BTW..thank you!…..your picks have been brutal!

    College: 4-0

    Mich St

    Pro: 3-1


    liking the Jets tonight!

  5. Tony dude whtats up with the picks dude circle the wagons tony. Nice job dean. keep it up

  6. man tony its all bad.. 0-3…. stone cold leaking pipes pick killing me man.. lets have a bounce back week man.. .like dean coming back with a 4-1 week

  7. tony drop the tennessee this week.. that’s a winner

  8. Tony, I have figured out how to win. I will just take the opposite of your stone cold locks. That way I will always come out a winner. Hurry up and give me your locks. NFL locks, especially

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