Monday, October 5th

A big Monday night show, coming off a great sports weekend…

Some great finishes in the NFL. How about the Saints beating the Jets and the Patriots knocking of the Ravens. The Denver Broncos are the surprise of the NFL at 4-0 to start the season. After all the problems involving Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall off the field, the Broncos have rallied around their first year head-coach Josh McDaniels. One of the big reasons for their success is the play of OLB  Elvis Dumervil and his 8 sacks. Elvis joins Tony to talk about the Broncos and their 4-0 start

MLB Playoffs will officially start on Wednesday, but before that, there is a “Play-in Game” between the Tigers and Twins on Tuesday to see who will win the AL Central.  Breaking down everything basebal is the former Cardinals lefthander and now MLB Network  analyst, Joe Magrane.

Fresh off their Monday Night win over the Packers, Vikings OL Phil Loadholt joins Tony to talk about the game and the atmosphere surrounding Brett Favre playing his former team.

Did you get your 1,000 BruCru chips from answering the ‘Buzz of the Night’ and the ‘Update of the Night’ at If not, go there now and claim your chips! There are some great prizes out there with your name on it!


13 Responses to “Monday, October 5th”

  1. Jon from Louisville Says:

    Is it my imagination or does the four letter network show a lot more commercials on MNF than you usually see in a football game?
    What? We got a player down? Here’s a commercial?

  2. Suzie Kolber's dentist Says:

    Jon, it’s your imagination. Those pink unicorns pissing on Howie Long’s Chevy truck…your imagination. Michelle Tafoya slapping her ass with an orange football pylon…your imagination. Michael Strahan getting a comedy series on national TV…uh, that’s real.

  3. Willy Wonka Says:

    Jon, I wrote this song just for you…

    If you play your cards right…one day you will own my sex toy factory in Sherman Oaks, California.

  4. Willy Wonka Says:


    One more thing…

  5. Mich. State -4
    Minnesota -3
    Florida -7.5

    UCLA +3.5
    Michigan +8

  6. those were deans picks

  7. thanks pearce

  8. Thanks Pearce…

    …Tony, what’s up….we aren’t updating the blog anymore?

    Love ya man!


  9. I wasn’t going to post the UCLA pick because it seemed pretty obvious he was trying to placate Tony’s LA audience, just like when he picked against the MIGHTY TEMPLE OWLS.

    Hopefully you guys stayed away from it as well. So far he is 2-0 for me.

  10. make that 4-0 for ya pearce 🙂 4-1 week i told ya diamond plays free for everyone

  11. Dean,Thanks you are solid man.just wondering what does Mr.Bruno give you to come on his show and help us all clean up?That Adam Myers dude sucks .what ever Tony is paying him he should be paying you.

  12. kevin i give out free picks to help listeners of tony show hes a friend friends help friends plus these so called experts dont know shit.if they know so much they woundnt waste their time with giving out picks tey would just go to vegas and bet the games but thay dont they make moey off people calling them for their sorry ass picks

  13. Tony, has stopped posting the blogs as a protest to the United States bombing the moon.

    TB: “Why the fuck are we bombing the moon? Why aren’t we bombing Pluto? It’s no longer a planet but a fucking moon. Do you think Neil Armstrong is proud? Do you think Neil Armstrong will walk out on the field during the Purdue homecoming halftime show with a bomb strapped to his chest? No. That’s not how Neil Armstrong operates. Bombing the moon…it’s an outrage. Take Denver and the points. Hey ladies…did you receive a Halloween Teddy Gram last year from your special someone?”

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