Tuesday, Sept 29th 2009

A terrific Tuesday night show for you, as Tony gets into some serious NFL talk.

 The  defending Super Bowl Champs are 1-2, not exactly the start they were hoping for in Pittsburgh. What’s  wrong with the Steelers? Is Big Ben to blame for their bad start?  Is it the defense? LB LaMarr Woodley joins Tony to talk about everything Steelers and explain what’s wrong in Pittsburgh.

Problems in Washington as the Redskins are 1-2 and stitting at the bottom of the NFC East. There are a lot of unhappy fans in our Nations Capital and Redskins fans are losing faith in owner Daniel Snyder. Former Redskins QB, JoeTheismann joins Tony to talk about the Redskins and other NFL news. Something bizzare happened at the end of the interview. Tony reminds Joe that he mentioned him in his book. Mr. Theismann not only remembers, but knows what page Tony is mentioned…Page 147

Do you know what the winning Pick 3 Numbers were in the California Lottery Tuesday night? 1…4…7…weird, huh? 

lottery drawing

You never know who will stop by INTO THE NIGHT and tonight was a great example for that. Vince Papale, the former Eagles great and man behind the movie “Invincble” calls in to say hi to Tony. Vince was just driving around in Philadelphia and heard Tony talking football so he wanted to call in and join the conversation

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One Response to “Tuesday, Sept 29th 2009”

  1. Jon from Louisville Says:

    It’s not my style to rip, but….
    Where do these boneheads come from? Why do they see no difference between celebrating with champagne and getting behind the wheel after several too many?
    If a police officer was shot to death in the line of duty and then had a funeral with a 21 gun salute, would they howl about the use of guns?


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