Monday, Sept. 28th 2009

A great Monday show for you, coming off a great sports weekend.

Former Atlanta Falcons RB, Jamal Anderson joins Tony to break down Week 3 of the NFL. Can the Titans win a game? Are the Jets the best 3-0 team in the AFC? Will Brett Favre have enough magic left to take the Vikings to the Playoffs? The “Dirtybird” will break it down

What a finish in the Vikings-49ers game with Brett Favre throwing a 32-yard touchdown pass to Greg Lewis in the final seconds to win the game. Greg talks with Tony about the final play, the drive that led up to it and how the Vikings are jelling at 3-0.

Monday Night Football. The Dallas Cowboys pull out a 21-7 win over the Carolina Panthers. Tony Romo had a big game passing for the now 2-1 Cowboys. Oh yeah, it’s the first win for “America’s Team” at the Jerry Jones Palace.

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