Thursday, Sept. 24th 2009

A star-studded show on Thursday as Tony talks entertainment and sports with legendary rapper and actor, Ice Cube. Cube is a big sports fan, as he has season tickets to the L.A. Lakers as well as being a frequent sight on the sidelines at Raiders home games. Cube loves the Silver and Black so much, he created a new song called Raider Nation. The players use it now as their intro music when they run onto the field.

Thursday night College Football ended with a big upset as South Carolina knocked off #4 Mississippi 16-10. The loss by Ole Miss not only shakes up the Top 10 rankings, but also opens up the SEC for teams like Auburn and LSU to make a run.

Week 3 of the NFL is fast approaching. Michael Vick making his debut with the Eagles after 2 years out of the league. The Tennessee Titans looking to avoid an 0-3 start as they take on NY Jets. Phil Simms, CBS NFL Analyst, joins Tony to break down the National Football League and clear up any lingering “dinner bet” he and Tony had from 20 years ago.

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2 Responses to “Thursday, Sept. 24th 2009”

  1. I am wondering if Tony has any stone cold locks for week 3 in the NFL. Tell him if he isn’ t sure this week, to don’t post any. Remember no un sure locks. A lock isn’t a lock unless you are absolutely sure of a game.

  2. cant find dean lock.. help

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