Thursday, Sept. 17th 2009

 A terrific Thursday night show for you as we go deeper INTO THE NIGHT.

One of the feel good stories of the year happened this week in Philadelphia with the fan who caught a foul ball only to have his daughter throw it back. Steve Monforto joins Tony while making the rounds on all the TV shows in NYC.  If  you haven’t seen it, check out the video below.

Week 2 of the NFL is coming up with several big games. Former Redskins All-Pro linebacker Lavar Arrington talks with Tony about his career and helps break down the big stories in the NFL, including the opening of the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. 

Roaming through the halls during one of the commercial breaks we ran into Kennedy. You all know who from MTV and The Game Show Network. She hosts a radio show in the building at the same time as Tony and tonight the two were dressed the same. Grey shirt and camouflage shorts. Who knew!

Did you get your 1,000 BruCru chips from answering the ‘Buzz of the Night’ and the ‘Update of the Night’ at If not, go there now and claim your chips! There are some great prizes out there with your name on it!


3 Responses to “Thursday, Sept. 17th 2009”

  1. eaglesfaninnc Says:

    Was tonight “NO, my city’s the biggest loser” night? All these people calling saying how their city sports teams suck more than the next guy’s. Misery really does love company.

  2. Pauly Shore Says:

    I thought her 15 minutes were up. Mine are.

  3. Burt Reynolds Says:

    I want to party with Rick Adelman’s kids.

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