Wednesday, Sept. 16th 2009

It’s Wednesday and we have a jam packed show for you mixing sports and entertainment. Comedian DL Hughley checks in live from Las Vegas before his stand-up act at the Monte Carlo. DL is a big sports fan and fan of Tony Bruno.  I’m sure he’s got an opinion on the Kanye West

Week 2 of the NFL is coming up with the home opener for the Dallas Cowboys in their billion dollar stadium. Hall of Fame WR James Lofton joins Tony to talk about the Cowboys, the situation in Oakland with the Raiders, and the on-going saga involving Michael Crabtree .

Boxing is coming back to Los Angeles with a great heavyweight bout scheduled for next weekend at Staples Center. WBC Heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko defends his title against unfeated Chris Arreola.  Vitali joins Tony to talk about his fight and the possibilty of fighting his brother who currently holds the IBF and WBO titles.

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One Response to “Wednesday, Sept. 16th 2009”

  1. That little girl who threw the ball back in Philly is really enjoying her new found fame. Just saw her on hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and Andy Dick.

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