Monday, Sept. 14th, 2009

Tony with the night off, as he was in the Bay Area for the Raiders-Chargers Monday Night Football Game.  Filling-in for Tony was good friend Ben Maller.

Not 1 but 2 Monday Night Football Games. The New England Patriots erase an 11-point deficit to beat the Buffalo Bills 25-24.  Tom Brady a pair of touchdown passes to Benjamin Watson to win it for the Patriots. Raiders and Chargers going deep “INTO THE NIGHT” in Oakland…

Coming off a great weekend in College Football. Michigan a win over Notre Dame. USC rallies to defeat Ohio State. UCLA a big win at Tennessee. Bruins Head Coach Rick Neuheisel was on to talk about the good start to the season.

MLB pennant race heating up as the Wild Card battles in the American League and National League continue. FOX Sports MLB Analyst Jim Bowden joins Ben to break down some baseball and who he likes going into the playoffs.

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