Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009

It was a great Wednesday on ‘Into the Night’, and it’s like Christmas Eve here in Burbank. We were one day from the start of the NFL season! The question was whether Mr. Thursday Night would make an appearance and give a Stone Cold Leadpipe Lock for the Titans and Steelers. This writer likes Tennessee +6. Mark it down baby!

Former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick joined Tony to talk about the season. He’s doing the Minnesota/Cleveland game Sunday, so he gets to see the first official Brett Favre game. He said it will be strange to see Favre in a Minnesota uniform, particularly with his roots as a Vikings offensive coordinator. He also mentioned his book, ‘More Than A Game’ – where he mentioned how a lot of QBs that bust take their coaches along with them. The only thing better than his book of course, is the Coors Light ads he does!

Next, Steve Wilkos joined the show. Who? I think we all know exactly who Steve Wilkos is… it’s Steve from Jerry Springer! He has his own show now, and it’s in its third season. Steve and Tony talked about his start, and how he blew up once he shaved his head. Tony lauded him for being a trend-setter, and Tony soon followed suit in his own life. Steve’s new show premiers Sept. 14, check your local listings!

Jay Glazer left his UFC training long enough to hop on with Tony, and was caught off-guard by more Brett Favre talk. He ripped Tony for even talking Favre, and said he was tired of talking about it. Tony asked about Eric Mangini’s nuclear secret levels of concealing his starting quarterback, and Jay can’t understand what the heck he is thinking. Jay then ripped Tony for not knowing where he would be this Sunday. No word on whether Bruno/Glazer is on the card for UFC 104.

Did you get your 1,000 BruCru chips from answering the ‘Buzz of the Night’ and the ‘Update of the Night’ at If not, go there now and claim your chips! There are some great prizes out there with your name on it!

Editor’s Note: Tony has selected the Tennessee Titans as his Stone Cold, Leadpipe Lock. Take Tennessee +6.


2 Responses to “Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009”

  1. The bird's nest on Al Michaels head Says:

    Tony, stay away from those Dave & Buster’s waitresses.

    They pack heat.

  2. The guy who yells liar during Obama's speech Says:

    Brian Billick’s new book is great. The legs on my coffee table are no longer lop-sided.

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