Tuesday, Sept. 8th 2009

Tony was back after a three-day weekend, refreshed and ready to go. He didn’t spend all weekend watching lame college football blowouts. We won’t speculate what he was doing, but Tony assured us all he had a great time.

He did see some baseball highlights over the weekend, and loved Milwaukee’s celebration of Prince Fielder’s celebration. He and Tim had a spirited discussion, and shocking, Tim was being a baseball curmudgeon.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports joined the show to bring his perspective to the discussion. He thought the celebration was great, and had no problem with it. Another celebration was brought up, Fernando Rodney of the Detroit Tigers firing the ball up into the stands. And he gets a three-game suspension? Jeff didn’t understand the suspension either. Tony asked about the Tigers, and Jeff didn’t think they had the bats to do any damage in the postseason.

Lamar Thomas, former Miami Hurricane great joined the program. Of course, Tony had to play his favorite sound clip. Lamar said he’s learned from that incident, and now lets the guys on the field handle that stuff. Tony asked about his experiences from last night, and Lamar said he still hears about it during tailgates in ‘Trailerhassee.’ Is that anywhere near Tallahassee? Lamar said he was excited about Miami’s chances this year, particularly with the big win over FSU last night.

Max Hall of the ninth-ranked BYU Cougars next came on the show, thanks to the big win over Oklahoma. Max said he was excited about the team’s chances, and surely hopes the team will go to a BCS bowl if they go undefeated. Tony asked about the big scoreboard in Dallas, where they played Oklahoma, and Max said his dad told him to try to hit it. He didn’t, but wishes he did.

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