Monday, Sept. 7th 2009

A day of rest and relaxation for Tony, as he enjoys a day off for Labor Day. Filling in for Tony on the show is veteran sports talk show host John Fricke. He’ll have all the latest from the NFL, as teams make their final cuts and begin preparation for the 2009 season. Also, a wild first week in NCAA Football with #3 Oklahoma losing to BYU and also losing their quarterback Sam Bradford. John will break down the action from the college ranks. Plus the latest on the Shawne Merriman arrest in San Diego. What really happened with him and Tila Tequila?

Did you log on to and get your 1,000 BruCru chips tonight? Just because Tony has the night off doesn’t mean you lose out on BruCru Chips. Go there now and claim your chips for a chance at some great prizes!


2 Responses to “Monday, Sept. 7th 2009”

  1. Gary Radnich fan club Says:

  2. Sebastian Cabot Says:

    Pete Townsend used to play with such intensity his fingers would bleed.

    Radnich does his sportscasts with such intensity his ear bleeds.

    He had more blood on him than Tila Tequila on a Saturday night.

    Radnich had so much blood on him, Cathy Rigby asked if she could endorse his shirt.

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