Friday, Sept. 4th 2009

It was a ‘Beautiful’ Red Wine Friday here on ‘Into the Night’, but for Tony it might have been a carb-loading Friday. He got some nice, healthy grilled chicken, but followed it up with macaroni and cheese and potato wedges. Wash it down with an energy drink and some red wine, and you’ve got quite a concoction there.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports came on with Tony to talk about the Oregon/Boise State melee (can one punch be considered a melee?) He and Tony agreed the suspension is about right, but what a nightmare that game turned out to be for Oregon. Dan also loves MMA, but isn’t sure if LeGarrette Blount has quite the chops for UFC. It was a heck of a shot though.

Next, George Wrighster, a former Oregon Duck joined the show. He thought the suspension was way too long. He also said the Boise State guy was out of line. Tony flashed some some strong high-school football knowledge, rattling off names of players at the game George was at – he was impressed.

Larry Scott, the new commissioner of the Pac-10 came on next. He was very happy with Oregon’s quick reaction to the punch, and thought the punishment was appropriate. He was of course disappointed, but was glad that Oregon seemingly made his job easy. Despite the rough start, he was excited for the start of the Pac-10 season, and will be watching USC destroy San Jose State.

Finally, Chip Coffey decided to bring his psychic abilities to the program – after all, he is a psychic medium. It wouldn’t take a psychic to guess that Tony likes red wine, but Chip’s abilities are unquestioned thanks to his appearances on Paranormal State. He also has other programs starting soon, as well as a book in the future well. We’ll definitely stay tuned for that one.

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