Thursday, Sept. 3rd 2009

It was a football Thursday on ‘Into the Night’ – there were 13 NFL preseason games, and plenty of college football games as well.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post joined the show, and he seemed to want to talk more baseball than football, thanks to the debacle that is the Chicago Cubs playing the White Sox. Matt is so down on baseball, he actually turned down tickets to the game. He talked preseason football and addressed the potential injury to Maurice Jones-Drew. Matt says the Jaguars are absolutely finished if he’s out for an extended period of time.

Former Florida State Seminole Chris Rix came on to talk college football with Tony. He thinks there should be no fights during the handshake drill in the Miami/Florida State game, mainly because neither team has done anything in years! Seriously though, he doesn’t think it’s going to go over well and thinks they should wait until the end of the game to do the handshakes. Tony mentioned he’s the only FSU QB to play for four years, but Chris thought he wouldn’t be the only one to play that long at FSU.

Sean Casey of the MLB Network joined the show to talk about the pennant races. Tony then asked him about his nickname ‘The Mayor’ – he said a Cape Cod manager gave him the nickname because he talked to everyone. Sean, of course, from the Pittsburgh area said he had hopes the Pirates could turn things around, and wonders what the team got in these fire sales. Tony asked Sean what he thought about the wild-card bases, and Sean liked the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies.

Did you log onto to claim your 1,000 BruCru chips? If so, go there now and answer the ‘Buzz of the Night’ and the ‘Update of the Night.’


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