Wednesday September 2nd, 2009

It was quite a night on ‘Into the Night.’ We talked handshakes, Power Rangers and ‘Hung.’ I’m not quite sure of a segue from the Power Rangers to Hung. Let’s just move on instead.

There's no way to transition from 'Power Rangers' to 'Hung' without getting fired.

There's no way to transition from 'Power Rangers' to 'Hung' without getting fired.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports joined the show to talk about the NFL. We were flush with breaking news – Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones in fact will *not* be joining the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. Jason said he’s tired of Pacman, and is glad we won’t be talking about him any time in the near future. Jason also about the almighty Brett Favre, in which he and personnel execs referred to him as a bad slot machine, in that the more you hit him, the more coins start to trickle out in the form of interceptions and fumbles.

Thomas Jane of ‘Hung’ joined the program. Before he talked about ‘Hung’, Thomas talked about portraying Mickey Mantle in ‘61*.’ He said it was one of the best times of his life playing Mantle. His kid even was born at 7 pounds right on the dot. He thinks it was the ghost of Mantle saying, ‘Nice Job.’ He and Tony drew parallels to his character ‘Ray’ and the Mick. Both swing a bat, Thomas admitted.

Tony has this exact same chair in his house. I've seen it.

Tony has this exact same chair in his house. I've seen it.

Greg Paulus, the new quarterback for the Syracuse Orange also joined Tony, to talk about his basketball career and his potential football career. He admitted he did work out for a Green Bay Packers scout, and he hadn’t known he was eligible for another year of another sport. He hopes he can turn around the Syracuse program and make Saturdays a little more exciting for all those future broadcasters.

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2 Responses to “Wednesday September 2nd, 2009”

  1. Rich Rodriquez on E Says:

    Tony, It’s a E “Free Communication Weekend”!!!

    How does this affect your life and those around you?

  2. Tony–it’s Joe Penny of Riptide fame. Luv the show. It’s awesome!!! I use’da listen to you in PHilly. I’d get me a big cheesesteak and listen to the BEAUTIFUL sports poetry. Where are you guy’s broadcasting from? I know you like to go on the road and broadcast from hip nightclubs and such. IT sounds like your in The Palms in AC. Atlantic City for you numb-nuts playing at home. Peace out my badass bald brother!!!

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