Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

It’s Taco Tuesday on ‘Into the Night’… but Tony shows up with subs? Huh? Is Taco Tuesday on the way out?

Charles Davis of the NFL Network, the NFL on FOX and the Big-10 Network joined the show. Somehow the show ‘More to Love’ came up. I guess it had something to do with Andre Smith of the Cincinnati Bengals.

I think I know why he broke his foot....

I think I know why he broke his foot....

Eventually they got to talking about college football, Michigan, Rich Rodriguez and the rest of college football. Tony asked why he covers the Big-10 even though he went to an SEC-school. He said the SEC guys just don’t understand.

Speaking of not understanding, somehow the show turned to prices of weed. I think it started from an update of where a guy was trying to trade an ounce of week for a gallon of gas or something. I believe it proves this audience has quite the following amongst those with glaucoma. The phones exploded with everyone wanting to quote us prices. I think I got fewer offers than when I put a Faberge Egg on craigslist.

Former Dodger Eric Karros joined the program, on his way to lovely Milwaukee over the weekend. Eric admitted he’d rather he spending his Labor Day weekend in California. He loves the Jim Thome trade and doesn’t think Thome will be just a pinch-hitter for the Dodgers, which means that James Loney might not be starting every game come post-season.

Tony asked Eric who he thought would win the NL Wild-Card, and he picked the Braves. It’s not a popular decision with Giants and Rockies fans, but he’s not looking for fans right now, he’s just trying to be right. Could it be a little bit of Dodger bias showing? Hmmmm.

Finally, we were joined by Jamie Dukes, analyst for the NFL Network. Jamie broke down the league, including the infamous Andre Smith broken foot. Jamie says it’s going to be fine, and this guy is going to be one heck of a run-blocker. He’ll take the heat off of Carson Palmer by opening holes for Cedric Benson. Tony mentioned that ‘It’s a Love Thing’ between he and Jamie.

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