Thursday, August 27th 2009

It’s a big Thursday on the program as the Eagles and Michael Vick were in action. Too bad they were up against the buzz saw that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. That is, Until the Eagles rallied with their fourth-stringers and beat the Jaguars 33-32. And CBS decided to air… Miami against Tampa Bay? Outrage!

Former Jaguar and USC great Tony Boselli joined the show to talk about the Jaguars and Eagles game. He agreed with Tony that it was a sloppy game, and coaches are looking to just get out of the preseason without many injuries. He didn’t expect Andy Reid to show a lot of his Michael Vick formations, and thinks teams playing against the Eagles sure have a lot to prepare against. He also said he follows USC football closely, and bleeds cardinal and gold.

Next we were joined by Dennis Haskins… yes, that Dennis Haskins.

Duh, it's Mr. Belding!

Duh, it's Mr. Belding!

He’s releasing a karaoke album, and Tony called him a karaoke legend. Tony might be a karaoke legend himself, thanks to these videos.

What no one knows is Dennis played basketball at Tennessee-Chattanooga. So he and T.O. are the famous alumni of that place! The album releases Sept. 1, and apparently it can be found on Amazon and the rest of the places you could buy music.

Finally, we were joined by Jay Glazer. Jay broke the story tonight that Roy Williams’ injury was in fact NOT a broken collarbone, despite lots of internet rumblings that it was broken. He also talked about… throwing potatoes at the Dallas scoreboard? Wha? Yes, apparently Jay tried to throw potatoes at the big screen. He couldn’t hit it, and therefore he declares it’s fine.

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4 Responses to “Thursday, August 27th 2009”

  1. Ted Kennedy's hat size Says:

    Who’s watching those 2 damn dogs while you’re out getting your game on?

  2. Kidnapped girl in 1991 Says:

    “Tony look like guy at laundro-mat. He look like he live in tent. Crazy man!!!”

  3. Phil Schneider shot by an alien in 79' Says:

    Mark Willard’s favorite song while he shops for groceries:

  4. Shirley Temple--Card Carrying Communist Says:

    Even the black guy dancing at 1:58 in the video above hates Dan Patrick.

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