Wednesday, August 26th 2009

It’s a busy Wednesday night on ‘Into the Night.’ Tony wonders if we can bet on the Little League World Series (John Avello later confirmed – no), and Tim hates it. Outrage! Who the heck hates the little leagues? Apparently Tim Cates.

Norv Turner, head coach of the San Diego Chargers joined the show. Tony asked him about Antonio Cromartie being fined for criticizing the team’s food. Norv said he wants his players concerned about other things than social-networking sites. Tony mentioned how so many teams in the division had drama this offseason, and the Chargers have had it pretty quiet. Norv said he likes it that way.

Randy Wolf of the Dodgers called in after LA’s big win over Colorado. Tony called Randy the ace of the staff over the last month, and Randy said he hates that term. So maybe we won’t do that anymore. He said thanks nonetheless to Tony, and hopes he can keep it up.

The NFL Network’s new information guy, Jason La Canfora joined the program live from his backyard in Baltimore. Usually he does his NFL Network stuff literally from his laundry room, but he decided he needed a little fresh air. He said he’s even had to turn off his washer during the spin cycle because it was making too much noise. Tony asked Jason about Michael Vick and the preseason game, and it was going to be a huge story. He didn’t think protests were going to be a problem, particularly in Philly.

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One Response to “Wednesday, August 26th 2009”

  1. jason smith Says:

    what the update of the night?

    Also could you cut out those sound clips you play them to death.

    Jason smith

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