Friday, August 21st 2009

It’s a Red Wine Friday on ‘Into the Night’ and the whole crew has sampled some fine Zinfandel before the show – which should make for a really interesting night. And the cakes that Tim’s lovely wife made? Gone – and Tony didn’t even get any! Outrage!

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt joined the show, the only team that beat Florida last year. (Editor’s Note: Hopefully they, and the rest of the SEC all beat up on Florida this year.) Tony mentioned their supposed soft schedule, and Nutt of course wouldn’t agree, and he surely thinks every team in the SEC is a tough game.

Next we were joined by San Francisco linebacker Takeo Spikes. Highlights of the interview included Spikes saying he’d rather be tased than rejoin the Bengals, and that the 49ers have moved on in regards to Michael Crabtree. You can log on to to hear the interview in its entirety.

Finally John Avello of the Wynn dropped by the program, fresh off his trip to Ireland. He says the Guinness there is much better. Tony talked about the over/under season win lines for NFL teams, and how Florida is going to be favored about something absurd over Charleston Southern.

Did you get your 1,000 BruCru chips tonight? Then log on to and answer the Buzz and Update of the Night!


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