Thursday, August 20th, 2009

It’s a great night ‘Into the Night.’ Chad Ochocinco is kicking extra points in preseason football and the Eagles are playing! No Michael Vick yet though kiddies, he’ll be in action next week against Jacksonville.

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly joined the program, and the interview sounded more like ‘Project Runway’ than ‘Into the Night.’ I think he said some of the uniforms were a hot mess. Not sure what Heidi Klum or Michael Kors think about it.

Oregon's fashion consultants

Oregon's fashion consultants

Bob Papa of the Giants joined the show to talk about Plaxico Burress as well as the NFL at large. Bob said the charges against Burress were solid and he couldn’t get the sentence any shorter than two years. Tony asked if he thinks Burress will be done with football. Bob thought he would certainly get workouts just because he’s not going to shrink in jail, and you can’t teach 6’5”.

And…we have an update. The Philadelphia Eagles lost tonight to the Colts, but since it was only preseason, we brought on DeSean Jackson of the Eagles to talk about the team. He said he was happy to score a touchdown, but the regular season ones matter a heck of a lot more. He was impressed to see Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick on the practice field, and thinks Philly’s offense is going to be strong this season.

Sharlto Copley, star of District 9 joined the show next. Tony is a big fan of the film and thinks it’s the best movie he’s seen this summer. Copley certainly had the South African accent going. He apparently hasn’t seen South Africa’s he/she runner – he’s so wrapped up in this movie he doesn’t know anything that’s going on right now!

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