Tuesday, August 18th 2009

It’s a Taco Tuesday on ‘Into the Night’, but Tony is down. He’s already Brett Favre-d out. He’s back (again). But that’s OK, we’ll still bring you the best sports talk anywhere. Hey, what about we bring on the happiest guy in the world that Brett Favre is back? No, it’s not Brad Childress, or Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, or even Vikings fans. It’s Frank Caliendo, so he can continue to do his John Madden impersonation fawning over Brett!

Next, former Green Bay Packers WR Antonio Freeman joined the program. Even he was tired of the Brett Favre talk. He said all players are brats, and he didn’t like it when the Packers told him ‘no’, and he was determined to come back and join the Vikings so he could try to screw the Packers.

Chuck Liddell joined the show. Finally, a guy who can beat the hell out of Jay Glazer for us! He’s joining the cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – will this be the time he finally gets hurt? The training might be actually harder than MMA – and more people seem to get injuries! Tony asked if he’s coming back to UFC, and Chuck officially said… that he doesn’t know. We’ll see. Maybe some guy named Dana White might have something to say about it.

We took a ton of calls on various topics tonight. Mostly on Favre, but we talked about ridiculous beanball wars, Michael Vick, and even took a call on Y.E. Yang losing the spotlight thanks to Favre.

Finally, we welcomed Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters onto the show. She talked about her experiences dropping f-bombs when running up on ghosts, and how… she hates football??? Outrage!

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