Monday August 17, 2009

It’s a great Monday here ‘Into the Night’ – Tony arrived to the glorious Burbank studios in a great mood after a fun weekend. He saw District 9, and loved it. He doesn’t think there’s any chance it will be nominated for an Academy Award, but it does have a chance since they’re expanding ‘Best Picture’ to ten films now.

On to sports, and Tony says too many people take pleasure in seeing Tiger Woods lose. He isn’t one of these jerks who loves or hates Tiger, but he doesn’t see why so many people love it so much when he doesn’t win.

And then of course there’s the sideshow that is the Oakland Raiders. Now their head coach is punching people out? Crazy. It’s just ‘the greatness of the Raiders’, as always.

Nancy Gay of AOL Fanhouse joined the show. She had the scoop about Tom Cable’s throw-down on assistant coach Randy Hanson. She said she had lots of NFL sources who were more than happy to name names. Tony asked what Nancy thought of Mark Schlereth’s report that nothing happened, and Nancy stood by her story.

It’s the final countdown for all those MLB draft picks. Who signed? Who didn’t? Jim Bowden, former Washington Nationals GM joined the program to talk about Strasberg and the rest of the picks, and he confirmed, Strasberg did in fact sign with the Nationals for 15+ million dollars for 4 years, along with a major-league guarantee. So you’ll be seeing Strasberg throwing fireballs… in empty stadiums in Washington.

Next David Kahn of the Minnesota Timberwolves joined the show to talk about the state of the T-Wolves, and of course, new coach Kurt Rambis. David said he wasn’t planning on tweeting about this interview, because he isn’t a twitter guy. In fact, in light of players breaking stories on their twitter accounts, he’s surely going to implement some sort of policy about twitter if the NBA doesn’t.

David also said he loves the future of the T-Wolves consider their core of Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and Johnny Flynn. We’ll see if he holds onto the rights of Rubio.


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