Friday, August 14th

It’s Red Wine Friday on the show. The wine will be flowing tonight as Tony gets into the Michael Vick signing with the Eagles. Do you support the Eagles decision to sign the QB Do you think Michael Vick deserves a second chance?  Plenty of your calls, as reaction pours in from across the country about Vick and his return to the NFL.

Coming up this weekend on CBS: 60 Minutes, James Brown will have an exclusive sit-down interview with Michael Vick. JB joins Tony to talk about the conversation he had with Vick and how he was able to get the interview ahead of Larry King and Opera.

The MLB season is winding down. Several big pennant races in the National League as teams get ready for post-season baseball. Joe Magrane, analyst from MLB Network will join Tony with his thoughts and insight, as we always love good baseball chatter.

Plus, did you get your 1000 BruCru Chips with the Buzz of the Night and the Update of the Night?

Have a good weekend!!!


2 Responses to “Friday, August 14th”

  1. Betty White's Proctologist Says:

    I hear Michael Vick just killed another dog. He was filming a Oreo cookie ad with the Manning brothers and when he tossed his frisbee to the dog, Eli Manning ran over the dog with his OREO ATV.

    Peyton Manning shook his head and exclaimed, “Michael Vick is the unluckiest man on Earth. I’m surprised he wasn’t on that plane with Jim Croce.”

    Now, Vick is getting ready to film a cough suppresant ad with Michael Jackson’s doctor. “Vick’s Cough Drops”.

    This post is totally fictional. However, in a parallel universe, this is happening somewhere. So, when you think about it….Vick’s situation could be worse. I mean…he could be dating some ho from Dave & Buster’s and weigh 140 lbs like Carson Daly.

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