Thursday, August 13th

Tony is live from the Pump Foundation Dinner in Beverly Hills, CA. A star studded affair with many big names from the world of sports. I see Pete Sampras, Ozzie Smith, Jerry West, Pat Riley, Isiah Thomas, Samuel L Jackson, Cedric the Entertainer and Bill Russell. I could go on and on and on, naming off all the celebrites in attendance.


The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick!

With the news now of Vick going to Philadelphia, all of the non-NFL guests at the event are being put on hold, as the crews works to get reaction from football players at the dinner.

Hall of Fame RB Jim Brown joins Tony to talk about Michael Vick and his 2 year ordeal wrapping up with him returning to the NFL

Hall of Fame QB Warren Moons stops by to give Tony his take on Michael Vick, his struggles and what he now faces now that he is back in the League. What will life be like for Michael Vick on and off the field in Philadelphia.

Hall of Fame OL Anthony Munoz pops on with Tony with his thoughts on Michael Vick, Chad Ocho Cino and all the drama currently taking place in the NFL.

Magic Johnson, NBA Legend and LA icon, sits down with Tony to talk some sports and of course about Michael Vick. Magic has some advice for Michael Vick about how to now conduct himself on and off the field.

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3 Responses to “Thursday, August 13th”

  1. Yo, Tony! Where’s the podcast? You got people jonesing for their fix. How we gonna get through work?
    What a “PUMP” Foundation anyway? Will the judge from Oklahoma be speaking?


  2. The Ghost of Billy Cillispie Says:

    Cedric the Entertainer? Didn’t he die last year? Tell Jerry West to send back his salad if he finds Pitino’s pubic hair in there.

  3. two guys at the same time Says:

    What is the answer for the fill in question you had.

    I thought it was Michael vick? but it was not accepted.

    As you beat it too death on your show ITS an outrage!!!!!!!!!! You sound as bad as knbr with those sound clips enough is enough!!!

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