Wednesday, August 12th 2009

Tony is fired up for a big show tonight. We’ve got some serious guests on the program tonight. Michael Vick mentor Tony Dungy will join the show, as well as Brian Baldinger of NFL Network and former Dodger great Eric Karros.

But of course, we start the show talking about Rick Pitino. Tony called it perfect on Tuesday’s show – Pitino would apologize in a press conference, and Louisville is very happy to still have him.

Former Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy joined the program to talk about his mentorship of Michael Vick. Dungy first said he wasn’t really missing training camp, and was enjoying the time he now has to take on other projects.

Bruno next asked Dungy about Michael Vick’s timetable, and Dungy reiterated that he thought a team would sign Vick soon this week. Dungy also mentioned about specific things he’s talked to Vick about, in terms of decision-making, and on life in general.

He doesn’t just mentor quarterbacks, he’s involved with a lot of great organizations and is trying to get people of all ages, particularly kids to make the right decisions in their lives.

We have an update – Best Buy was selling 52” televisions for $9.99? Man, why didn’t I buy like 20 of these? Apparently best buy is not honoring these orders – what an outrage!

Tony comes back and sees the name for the Orlando-based UFL team name… the Tuskers? What the heck is a tusker anyway?

Tony takes a few calls, and goes off on wimpy American League baseball. He’s sick of these guys starting stupid bean-ball wars. There’s some ridiculousness that you have to hit a guy because your guy got hit? They’re all gutless.

Eric Karros of Fox Sports Baseball joined the program, and immediately the show turned to Atlanta Braves radio. Karros loves Atlanta’s chance of making the wild card, though he’s not quite so sure if they can catch the Phillies.

Tony thinks Eric is ragging on the Phillies because he’s bitter that Chase Utley is a better UCLA-grad than he is. Eric said there are probably a lot of UCLA guys who are better than he ever was.

Next they talked about the NL West, where Eric said the Rockies have a better chance to catch the Dodgers than the Giants. The Giants play a brutal schedule the rest of the way, while the Dodgers have it really easy. He doubts anyone will catch them, but Colorado has the only chance.

Tony opened hour three mentioning more talk about both Rick Pitino and Michael Vick. He says he’s not part of the selective morality crowd who wants to rip these guys and have them never coach or play sports ever again. He thinks they both will be in their respective sports this year, even if he doesn’t condone what they’ve done.

Chad from Virginia called with some outrage over the BruCru’s online blackjack. It doesn’t even pay out 3-to-2 for a blackjack! Tony suggested he slow down on the blackjack.

We next unveiled the ‘Squirrely Play of the Day’, which had to be the dope who threw a beer on Shane Victorino as he tried to make a catch in centerfield. It was that much more impressive that he actually made the catch too!

We had callers asking for locks for NFL Preseason Football – surely Mr. Thursday Night will have his lock in. In fact, Tony is going to post his picks right here – on the blog before the show. So before you go betting your mortgage payments on exhibition football, check in here at Tony’s blog!

Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network joined the show to talk about NFL camps. Brian said most veterans want camps without a lot of hitting. Eric Mangini isn’t making a lot of Cleveland Browns happy right now, where Lovie Smith still hasn’t had full hitting yet.

Tony asked about Derrick Brooks, who got a tryout for the Saints recently, but hasn’t been signed to a contract. Brian says a lot of his to do with his veteran status. He wouldn’t be starting for New Orleans, and it’s not like he’ll be playing special teams. So a lot of these veterans end up not getting signed, or at least don’t get signed until there are some major injuries.

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