Tuesday, Aug. 11th 2009

Tony begins the show in an outrage. American League baseball is a joke, because these pitchers start bean-ball wars and don’t have to face the music.

Next we go to a quick update – Joel Segal (Michael Vick’s agent – not the movie critic) was scheduled to join the program tonight, but suddenly isn’t returning Tim Cates’ calls. Outrage!

Tony next talked about the possibility of Michael Vick’s return. He emphasized those who exercise ‘selective morality’ with Vick.

Somehow the guys got to talking about CW ‘Butch’ Welch, and the show ‘Dutch Oven and Camp Cookin’.’ Tony loves the show based if anything, on its appearances on ‘The Soup.’

Recently NHL retiree Jeremy Roenick joined the show to talk about his retirement. He’s hanging up the skates to… sell life insurance? What? A guy who used to knock people around and score goals is going to put on a suit and try to explain why you should give away a lot of money, that you won’t be able to access until you’re cold and dead?

And – what? C.W. ‘Butch’ Welch is coming on the show? Tony and ‘Cee Dub’ are talking dutch ovens and outdoor cooking. Tony asks if Welch has ever had Elk and Eggs. ‘Cee Dub’ says heck yes, and it is good! I’ll take his word for it.

Next we were joined by former NFL Pro Bowler Jamal Anderson, who of course had a perspective on Michael Vick. He said Mike should be signed soon, and deserves to be on an NFL roster this season. Tony of course ragged Jamal about his alma mater, Utah, and them selling out to the BCS.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports joined the program to talk about Vick, and the NFL at large. Tony of course asked about Vick, particularly with the Carolina Panthers. Charles happened to be at Carolina Panthers camp in Spartanburg, SC and said it isn’t going to happen, at least for the Panthers.

Tony next asked about Carolina, and particular their WR situation with Steve Smith being out. Certainly the Panthers aren’t exactly that strong with Dwayne Jarrett and Muhsin Muhammed as starters.

Rick Pitino suddenly became a hot topic on the last hour of the show. The story wasn’t that new, but some new details came out about the woman who allegedly tried to extort 10M from the Louisville basketball coach.

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