8.07.09 Hour 3

Hour 3 opened, and Adam Schefter joined us live from Canton and the Hall of Fame ceremonies. He profusely apologized for being a little late. Tony surely wanted him to snag him one of those stylish yellow coats, but somehow I doubt Adam has that kind of power. They talked about the Hall of Fame and who was running around the after-parties.

By the way, check out Adam’s book. It’s a compilation of Hall of Fame speeches. So how exactly is it Adam’s book if he didn’t actually write anything? I tried that in college, and somehow my professors had a little problem with it.

Next, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post joined the show, live from the Jersey shore. Of course Tony and Michael talked Jersey shore stuff. I once went to the shore, and got attacked by these strange flies that are apparently only out there. These awful things land on you and bite! Sounds like a mutation from all the toxic stuff out there.

Anyway, Tony asked Michael about the Patriots landing pass-rusher Derrick Burgess from the Raiders. Michael thinks the Pats did a great job of filling a need and did so at a pretty cheap price.

Michael of course originally signed Burgess when he was general manager of the Raiders, so he might be just a bit compromised in his opinion. Not that he would have any reason to dislike the Raiders anyway.

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